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Step No.

01. Discovery

Our pre-application questionnaire helps us evaluate where you are in the licensing process so we can determine the appropriate consultation package needed.  Everyone's business goals are unique so we start with a thorough compliance review to determine the next steps in the process.  The discovery phase will determine how extensive the application process will be and is heavily impacted by the types of licenses applied for, location, site details and available resources.  


Start-up costs for cannabis companies are higher than most businesses so we also evaluate your financial position to determine if you have enough cash flow to complete the process.  Many cannabis entrepreneurs have started the licensing process only to find out midway that they don't have enough resources to cross the finish line. Our development team will provide you with a computerized compliance checklist up front that outlines the specific steps needed and estimated costs at each step to accomplish your goals. Call us today to find out how close you are to realizing your dreams.


Step No.

02. Application

The pre-application process can begin before a location and site are secured but the final application to be submitted for approval is dependent on having a location.  Califia Gold will find a suitable location for your business and prepare all the plans required for the license application.  Whether applying for a single license, or four different licenses under the microbusiness category, Califia Gold has the proven experience to get you approved.


We take a strategic approach to getting you approved by conducting thorough research and assessing all risks.  We focus on developing effective Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) that show authorities that you operate in compliance of all regulations and help ensure an efficient and safe operation.


Our consultants come from cannabis operations backgrounds and have the knowledge and experience to get you approved.  Having direct cannabis experience gives Califia Gold a competitive edge.  Let our competitive edge become your competitive advantage to advance your business vision and goals.


Step No.

03. Network and Grow

Califia Gold has an extensive network of licensed cannabis industry professionals including growers, manufacturers, distributors, testers, packaging companies, realtors and providers of cannabis ancillary products and services.  We ensure our clients get the best possible prices on all cannabis needs to maximize profits. We have an in-house engineer that develops individualized productivity enhancement plans to maximize efficiency and help grow your business.  And we have the best tax and legal advisors focused exclusively on cannabis companies.  Our monthly compliance newsletter keeps you up to speed with all pending local, State and Federal regulations affecting the industry so you can stay ahead of the game and focus on growth.


Since growing your business is dependent on remaining compliant with all local and State requirements, we offer a monthly compliance tracking service to ensure you keep all cannabis licenses. Maintaining licenses requires keeping up with the constantly changing regulatory requirements and we provide electronic updates for all changes including specific implementation instructions.  This combined with our monthly in person internal audit inspection ensures business will continue uninterrupted.  Our audit results are left visible for State inspectors to review and we work directly with the State auditors on compliance issues.  Leave your compliance concerns to Califia Gold while you focus on business expansion.

Network and Grow


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