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From the beginning we are your partners. We become a real part of your business. Our professional development team will help you clearly define your vision and we're with you every step of the way working to make that vision a reality. You will have access to our team's resources to implement your specific business goals. We offer consulting at all stages of your cannabis business from pre-application and application to post operational.

Step No.

01. Discovery

Our pre-application questionnaire helps us evaluate where you are in the licensing process so we can determine the appropriate consultation package needed.  Everyone's business goals are unique so we start with a thorough compliance review to determine the next steps in the process. Read more>

Step No.

02. Application

The pre-application process can begin before a location and site are secured but the final application to be submitted for approval is dependent on having a location.  Califia Gold will find a suitable location for your business and prepare all the plans required for the license application. Read more>

Step No.

03. Network and Grow

Califia Gold has an extensive network of licensed cannabis industry professionals including growers, manufacturers, distributors, testers, packaging companies, realtors and providers of cannabis ancillary products and services.  We ensure our clients get the best possible prices on all cannabis needs to maximize profits. Read more>

Experts estimate that California’s cannabis industry is worth $5.6 billion in 2020 and may triple in size within ten years due to recent legalization.


What is the first step to opening a cannabis business?

The first step to starting a cannabis business is understanding what you want to do in the industry and where, this will determine how Califia Gold Consultants can help you. We begin the process by conducting an initial assessment and review of your goals and needs and by creating a specialized plan designed specifically to implement your business goals and vision. Not sure? Califia Gold Consultants can advise you based on your goals.

How much money do I need to start a cannabis business?

An initial investment in a cannabis business can vary depending on the type and location of the business. Costs can vary from $10,000 to $250,000 for application and licensing alone. To get a better understanding of the costs associated with the cannabis business, give us a call today.

What is a Cannabis Consultant?

A cannabis consultant is someone who can assist you with any cannabis business needs. From getting a cannabis business started to maximizing your business potential, Califia Gold Consultants are there to help every step of the way. Give us a call today for assistance with any of your business needs.


Business Planning

Selecting a business structure and developing a business plan that wins is an important part of obtaining a cannabis license.  Califia Gold's development team will assess your unique situation and create a strategic implementation plan geared towards obtaining all the necessary licenses for your business.  There are over 20 types of cannabis licenses, each with a distinct set of responsibilities and requirements.  Deciding which license to apply for and what type of company to build depends on multiple factors, including budget, experience, logistical support and location.  Califia Gold will prepare your business plan and provide you with a road map to support the long term development and growth of your company. 

Our cutting edge business development team will conduct all required research, including local ordinances, license caps, local tax rates, zoning, permitting, special requirements, and thoroughly assess all the risks to ensure an effective and efficient application process.  We advise on the pros and cons of all business structures and ensure the selected structure supports the long-term development and goals of your company.


Effective Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) show authorities you operate in compliance of all regulations and help ensure an efficient and safe operation.  Track and trace is an important part of SOPs and effective safety, security, inventory reconciliation, transport, cash management, quality control, product testing, accounting, and compliance procedures must be developed.  Califia Gold consultants come from cannabis operations backgrounds with direct industry expertise.  We have both the cannabis and business knowledge to maximize your success. 

Business Planning
Real Estate Suitability

Real Estate Suitability

Finding a suitable location is the most challenging part of starting a cannabis business.  There are over 480 cities in 58 counties in California with different stances on cannabis.  There are very few cannabis friendly landlords which complicates location selection.  And once successful finding a cannabis friendly landlord in the right city and right zoning, the typical costs for a cannabis lease will be anywhere from $2.50 per square foot, up to $10.50 per square foot or higher.


Califia Gold will find the location that is right for your business model and negotiate a fair lease price.  Choosing the right site or property is a matter of available resources, zoning, permitting, environmental features, suitability for business model and other factors.  Our expert advisors do all the research including the number of licenses in the city as most jurisdictions have placed caps on the number of licenses.  We use our extensive database of cannabis realtors and landlords to conduct a targeted search of the specific type of property you need in the city you need it in that meets the zoning requirements.


Once a suitable location is identified, Califia Gold will prepare ALL the required plans needed for permitting and application submission at both the local and State level.  We take full ownership of the application process to ensure all required information for your licenses is complete and can complete.  Your ideal cannabis location is one call away.

Permit Application

Permit Application and Preparation

The application process is very competitive and the timing of your application is critical.  Cannabis license applications must include thorough and compliant site and facility plans.  Califia Gold will develop ALL the required plans needed for your licensing, including but not limited to: business plan, security plan, operations plan and procedures, office detail, environmental plan, inventory procedures, non-laboratory quality control plan, transportation procedures, cash management plan, standard operating procedures, and track and trace compliance plan.


These plans are labor intensive but necessary to obtain licensing.  Califia Gold eliminates the stress of completing the required plans so you can focus on business operations.  We work directly with all stakeholders in the process including the local and State licensing agencies to prepare your entire application for submission and approval.  Call today to get your winning application started. 

Business Solutions

Business Solutions

Califia Gold offers comprehensive business solutions for new and existing cannabis companies, including branding and marketing, packaging, product development, compliance tracking, government relations, social media, logo design and development, website maintenance, business expansion, maximizing profits, and many other business solutions based on our customer needs.  Our cutting edge development team will design a business solutions package tailored to your cannabis company to ensure your success.


We have extensive connections in the entire cannabis supply chain, including cultivators, suppliers, distributors, manufacturers, product testers,  business professionals and ancillary product providers to ensure our clients get the best possible prices on all cannabis needs.  All of our clients are included in Califia Gold's Wholesale Cannabis Group (WCG) which gives us discounted prices on products and services.  Start maximizing your profits with Califia Gold today.

Ongoing Compliance

On-going Consultation and Compliance

A significant amount of time, planning, coordination and resources is required to obtain licensing.  But the most important part of the entire process is keeping the licenses.  Cannabis compliance is challenging but an important part of a successful, thriving business.  Non-compliance fines and penalties are severe and can result in license forfeiture.  The last thing you want to do is lose the coveted license you worked so hard to get.


Califia Gold can assist with all your compliance needs.  As a monthly service, we conduct physical internal compliance checks, provide you with a tailor-made compliance tracking toolkit to generate reports that will be kept on site, provide a pending regulations watchlist with implementation deadlines and step by step instructions on rule implementation, and a monthly report on all pending local, State, and Federal laws affecting the cannabis industry.


Track and trace requires businesses to have appropriate software tools to maintain compliance with all State and local regulations and requirements.  All business owners must maintain meticulous record keeping and reports generation through internal audits.  When inspectors visit, you want to show proof that your business frequently conducts internal compliance checks.  While you could be diligent about compliance, it certainly helps to have a reputable consulting company like Califia Gold guide you through the ever changing list of regulations and requirements.


We have an in-house compliance auditor with significant experience keeping regulated sites in compliance with State law.  Let our competitive edge become your competitive advantage.  We focus on compliance because a long-term sustainable business is really about how you do it in a compliant way.  Sign up for our monthly Compliance Monitoring Program today to keep your business on the compliant track.


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